I'm interrupting this dormant dog-blog to write about my entry into the world of children's literature - there will still be the occasional mention of my erstwhile doggie companion who is still a pup in spirit, if not in size.

20 Feb 2012

Puppy School - the finale!

My boy graduated from puppy school this morning.

I don’t think this means he’s a grown-up but I’m proud to report that he passed with flying colours. No certificate or anything but I guess he would’ve just eaten it anyway.

Even though we hadn’t done a whole lot of practicing he made me look good in front of Ruth – and that’s the main thing, right? He sat, came when called, kind of walked to heel, dropped and basically did whatever we wanted all in the name of gravy beef!
Tried to teach him ‘leave it’ today. This is where he stays sitting next to you while there’s some interesting distraction – a jogger, toddler or dead bird, say. He was pretty good at this – again because of the gravy beef. Not sure how it will go on the beach, given his infatuation with dead birds and toddlers. Ruth jogged past while he sat next to me and I had to say ‘leave it’ and then feed him.
Now that puppy school is finished we have the option of continuing on to the Good Dogs of Australia course.  There’s up to 8 dogs in a class and again you have to starve them beforehand. D1 has become an animal rights Nazi, and was trying to sneak grapes and doggie treats to Pip this morning because the poor thing was ‘starving’. He snaffled a grape and mashed it into the blue rug, right before doing two morning pees there – sigh!

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  1. Sounds like the beautiful blue rug isn't going to stay pristine for very long!