I'm interrupting this dormant dog-blog to write about my entry into the world of children's literature - there will still be the occasional mention of my erstwhile doggie companion who is still a pup in spirit, if not in size.

21 Feb 2012

Dog Rage!

*This column has been censored in the interests of keeping my family audience

If it’s one thing I’m rapidly learning it’s that dogs inspire intense emotion. So far, it’s predominantly been witnessing the growing love that my family has for our lovely Pip.
But today two dog rage incidents gave me paws (sorry!) for thought.
Firstly, we were walking through Ocean Grove Park. I’d tentatively let Pip off his lead. I say tentatively because this was close to the site of the great run-away. Also, there was a Rottweiler, also off-lead, not so far away...
But Pip happily trotted in front of me and all seemed well.
Another lady had her dog, a largish bulldog, on the lead and was walking about 100 metres away. Throughout the park were witches hats and blue rubber mats set out in preparation for an exercise class.
Pip and I were minding our own business when a woman yelled out to the bulldog owner.
‘Hey lady, you better pick up your dog’s poo – we don’t want to step in it when we’re training!’
‘He just did a wee!’ protested bulldog owner.
‘The poo’s over there.’
‘You can get *****!’ exclaimed bulldog owner. ‘I always pick up his poo!’
‘Right (female dog)’.
‘Just  ***** off, you pair of (female dogs)’.
After this I put Pip on his lead and we exited quickly. The ease with which allegedly civilised women began hurling abuse at each other was quite frightening.
Then as Pip and I returned home, we bumped into Scooby and his mum near our back gate.
We began chatting about a neighbourhood dog that we’ve all heard that barks incessantly in the evenings. According to Scooby’s mum, the dog is left tied up day and night.
A few months back, she said, somebody put an anonymous note in the barking dog owner’s letterbox.
‘Shut your **** dog up or I’ll shut it up for you – permanently!’
Apparently, this actually brought results in that the dog was quiet for a while. However, it’s now barking and whining fairly constantly and Scooby’s mum said if she hears it again she’s going to go round and investigate and possibly call in the RSPCA.
Who knew that owning a dog could be so political?