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19 Apr 2012

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, another post from the one and only... D1!

    * D1 has been learning how to write persuasive texts at school. Here is her opinion piece on that subject close to all our hearts - dog poo!  Hotdog Heath

Actually, I’m not that famous (it is mum’s blog) but you should still read this...
It is outrageous that practically no-one bothers picking up their dog’s revolting, sickening doggy dung. Not only does it fill our nostrils with the most horrific smell and our eyes with the most disgusting sight but it also heavily affects our eco-system which is most definitely the most horrid of them all!

Not my foot...

To kick off, whenever this putrid waste comes in contact with any of our senses we turn away in pure disgust. Do you want to have your dog poo making the community appalled and utterly horrified? I hope you don’t because that would be disgraceful. These completely gross things are just one good reason to pick up your dog’s foul slop.

Second of all, you wouldn’t believe the number of people who step in this fat poop. They spoil their shoes and it stinks. Once I stepped in dog poo and I never wore the shoes again (it was about 5 years ago when I was 5). Some might say they don’t pick it up because it smells but its worse off for the person who encounters it.

Finally, these putrid droppings have a terrible impact on the environment. The lake near our house has a horrible case of blue green algae and Dad (Him- in-Doors) says it was partly dog poo’s fault. This was caused by irresponsible dog owners.
In conclusion, dog owners need to pick up the poo and then bin the bag!

By D1 the great.


  1. Well said, D1, I couldn't agree more. Abandoned dog poo is a blight on our streets and parks. Hear hear!

  2. Love it D1 (the Great)! Your arguments were extremely relevant and I agree totally. The fact that trying to dig the c--p out of your runners, a virtually impossible situation, is another very real concern.

    AuntyT x

  3. Yes, D1 makes some great points! I'm still amazed at how many owners don't scoop their poop...