I'm interrupting this dormant dog-blog to write about my entry into the world of children's literature - there will still be the occasional mention of my erstwhile doggie companion who is still a pup in spirit, if not in size.

9 Apr 2012

The Greedy Cow

Went to the Cheeky Cow this morning with Pip and the family. We were waiting for our breakie to arrive when a middle-aged guy walked up with a large German Shepherd.

Don't hurt me Pip!
 His dog was scared of Pip. Last week, explained the guy, he’d been attacked by a Labrador and a $300 trip to the vet with stiches followed. Consequently the poor dog has developed an aversion to anything lab-like. 

So we moved Pip away from the Shepherd and began enjoying our breakie. We luurve the Cheeky Cow and I would nominate it as a contender for best dog-friendly cafe in Ocean Grove. They have large doggie water bowls outside with tables where you can tie up your furry friend. Then the waitresses go ga-ga over the cute dogs and bring out doggie biscuits.
All the waitresses wear cow stuff. Pip once embarrassing tried to chew on the udders of one of the waitresses aprons. And my lovely sister-in-law Mrs Sinatra has taken to calling it the Greedy Cow because we are so often to be found there enjoying their fantastic coffee and yummy food.
But I digress. The man with the German Shepherd’s coffee arrived and the waitress said ‘Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten his!’ She went off and came back shortly with a plate of ham.

The latest in dog food - yum!
 The man then proceeded to feed great wads of ham to his dog. He explained only a little sheepishly to us that it was part of the routine; if he came out, the dog had to have something. As we were leaving he said ‘Gee, I’d love another cup of coffee but then I have to get something else for him!’
‘Isn’t it funny,’ remarked another woman – also with a dog tied up to a pole, ‘How we let our dogs dictate to us!’
Funny indeed!    


  1. Pip's been very quiet... are his paws getting too big for the keyboard perhaps?

  2. Hello Bertie, sorry you've missed Pip's tails - his mistress has been engaged with other writings, however, a post will be coming up shortly :)