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31 Mar 2012

Introducing The Growler

Went to a Mum’s drinks night last night and met a lady who used to work for one of those doggie training franchises. It was fascinating talking to her because her approach is completely different to the Dog Whisperers.

Growling at your dog is the key to success...who knew?

I’m going to call this woman The Growler (no offence intended) for a good reason.

Her advice to owners with misbehaving dogs – you have to growl at them and let them know you’re the pack leader. Once I found out her background, I bombarded her with Pip’s every misdemeanour – jumping up, lead chewing and the most recent, rat devotion.
She said tone of voice was everything. That when he jumps up, I should stand my ground, even walk into him slightly and release a deep guttural growl.
D1 is outraged because she’s been trying to do this for some months. Each time, thinking she’s interfering with the Dog Whisperer’s advice, I’ve told her to can it. This morning I told her we need to start growling at Pip – she was, quite rightly, a little peeved.
Then assuming Pip gets down, after the growl, we then raise our voices in that baby molly-coddling tone and praise him – ‘Good dog, well done, who’s a good boy?, etc.’
Tried this morning and wondered – how long does it take for Pip to catch on?

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