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11 Mar 2012

A doggie ghost story!

Went to dinner a few nights ago at GQ’s where a lovely Scottish couple were also in attendance. We’d met the couple on another occasion at GQ’s and instantly hit it off because we all love a great story. And they are full of them!
Do you have a doggie ghost story to share?
 Anyway, it turns out that the Scots have recently bought a house which was previously owned by an old man called Mr Talbot. Now Mr Talbot is no longer of this world but his presence, it seems - remains.

First, Scottish Bloke swore he heard heavy breathing in bed one night – and it wasn’t his wife. He ordered her to stop breathing while they listened. She didn’t hear the heavy breathing and was sceptical – to say the least.
Later, however, she was in bed alone and also heard the breathing.
They inspected inside the ceiling, etc but found no rational explanation.
Then Scottish Babe (who is actually pushing 50 and a grandma but wears hot pink and mini-skirts with aplomb) was home alone when she discovered a polystyrene box filled with meals-on-wheels meals in the backyard. The box was addressed to Mr Talbot. When she rang up meals-on-wheels to enquire they told her Mr Talbot had made the order. This happened to be on the one-year anniversary of his death.
A short time later, again in the backyard, SB was sitting outside with their own beloved dog Hector – a blue heeler they rescued from the pound. They were sitting there when an old man followed by a black and white dog strolled across the backyard. Both SB and Hector followed the pair with their eyes and then they both got up to investigate. But the dog and his owner literally disappeared in the bushes.
All this is kind of spooky. The funniest part though, is that SB has the meals-on-wheels stored in the freezer. Guess, you never know when you might feel a bit peckish. But I can just imagine her sitting down to some reheated Chicken Cacciatore, alone in her kitchen, and feeling the hot gust of someone breathing down her neck...    

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