I'm interrupting this dormant dog-blog to write about my entry into the world of children's literature - there will still be the occasional mention of my erstwhile doggie companion who is still a pup in spirit, if not in size.

13 Mar 2012

Another lone (randy) dog and ahem, more humping...

Went with Frankie and co. to Breamlea beach on the weekend where kids and dogs had a ball playing in the dunes. Breamlea must be one of the few remaining beaches in Australia where stupendously wonderful sand dunes are not fenced off with signs telling you to keep off. 
The dunes at Breamlea Beach
 Subsequently, everyone has a fabulous time doing that old fashioned thing of trudging to the top and then running helter-skelter downhill. It’s also wonderfully exhausting for both kids and dogs.
 We were heading back along the beach however when an unwelcome dog, Max, decided to join our group.

        Max is a large golden retriever who, Mrs Sinatra explained, lives close to the beach and is allowed to roam free. Apart from the obvious poo issue, this is also quite scandalous because Max – who it must be said has a giant Willy – is not desexed. And randy as hell!
Anyway, Max has a thing for Frankie and wouldn’t leave him alone. He ran alongside Frankie as if trying to round him up and then, when the angle seemed right, jumped on board. Frankie was not very happy about this and his owners were even less so.
Mrs and Mr Sinatra had met Max’s owners and therefore vaguely know them so I guess this makes the whole dobbing in issue even more vexed. Mr Sinatra pulled Max off his poor wee dog several times and at one point, actually held him back by his collar, so we could move forward. But Max was frightfully determined.
What do you think the Sinatra’s should do next time this happens?    


  1. Not bad, Kate. We are, however, usually loaded up with poo bags, water, hand cleanser, doggie treats, snacks, sunscreen - did I mention the snow shoes? You get the idea!

  2. Ring the pound! He's a public nuisance.
    Ok I guess it's out - I'm not the hugest dog fan and its for reasons like this. :(

  3. Oh dear, this is what I mean about a few dog owners giving the rest of us conscientious ones a bad rap!