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21 Jan 2012

Day 7 - The Night from Hell

Last night was hot, really hot, so the question was what to do about Pip? So far, we’ve put him in his crate to sleep. The ‘crate’ is a fully enclosed cage with air holes and a wire grill at the front and would, I’d guess, be about five degrees hotter. So we decided a compromise would be to put Pip in his crate on the back deck.
We put him to bed about 10 and he proceeded to bark for a good 45 minutes before settling. I sat in front of Glee and tried not to listen – to Pip that is.
We went to bed and at some ungodly hour, he started barking again. It went on and on and on! I was acting on the advice of my sister-in-law who had said you never get up to them because then they expect it. But after what felt like about an hour of barking I said to Him-In-Doors, ‘We’ll have to bring him into the laundry – we can’t do this to the neighbours!’ So we got up. Actually, Him-In-Doors was already up ‘working’ on the computer with headphones on so he couldn’t hear the barking.
As soon as we opened the laundry door we smelt the poo! Poor Pip had soiled his crate – a big slopper that he’d deposited as close to the door as possible. I felt terrible! We let him out and he joyfully bounded around the deck.
‘Shouldn’t we clean it up?’ asked Him-In-Doors.
‘It’s not going to get any worse between now and morning,’ I said. ‘You go back to bed...’
So I sat out on the deck and stroked Pip – who really wanted to play – hoping he would get sleepy. I stayed with him for about 15 minutes and then retired to bed. Eventually, we all slept...
The next morning he rewarded me with another sit-in walk. I was soooo not impressed! And an errant thought ran through my head – had we done the right thing getting a puppy?

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