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22 Jan 2012

Day 11 - A Frolic at the Beach

It was a two car job to get Frankie and Pip to the dog beach - one kid per car to entertain each dog and one adult driver.
We arrived at the beach and it was really blowing a gale. Undeterred, my furry friends had a whale of a time, chasing each other up and down the beach, while D1 and D2 tried to catch some waves.
We were a little excited because today marked the day Pip could finally get wet. However, although his breed is supposed to love to swim, he's so far decided he's scared of the sea and runs away whenever a wave approaches.
Playing with Frankie was the order of the day. They wrestled so vigorously that I worried one of them was going to dislocate something.  All was well until they discovered the joy of tumbleweeds. Said weed would tumble past them like a miniature haystack and they’d be off, full speed chasing it down the beach – for about a kilometre! Luckily, I have equally agile children who were happy to play shepherd and round them up.
When we got up to leave, it was bedlam with boogie boards flying off down the beach, dogs chasing tumbleweeds and sand flying into everyone’s eyes. We managed to retrieve the boogie boards – the dogs grabbing the black cords with their teeth – and I sat on them (the boards not the dogs) while the kids chased the dogs which were chasing yet another tumbleweed.
Finally, made it back home where both pups have slumped in exhaustion at opposite ends of the house.
Puppy school tomorrow!

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