I'm interrupting this dormant dog-blog to write about my entry into the world of children's literature - there will still be the occasional mention of my erstwhile doggie companion who is still a pup in spirit, if not in size.

22 Jan 2012

Day 10 - Eau de Dead Bird

So after a long week co-managing the needs of demanding children and new puppy, I earnt myself some free time. Even convinced Him-In-Doors to take Pip for his morning walk so I could have a little sleep in. About an hour later, Him-In-Doors came back sweaty and exhausted.
‘Good walk?’
‘We didn’t get anywhere. He staged a sit-in and wouldn’t move!’
‘Uh huh. What’ve you been doing?’
‘Cutting down a tree.’
Ok, not a promising beginning to me leaving Pip for the day but hey, he’s got to learn to be without me sometime. Right?
Headed off into the big smoke, Geelong, for some fab retail therapy. Met up with Frankie’s mum for lunch and generally, had a blissful dose of ‘me-time’.
Came home and discovered Pip had been ‘helping’ mulch said tree.
I’d bought some cheap kites at the Kathmandu sale for the ‘present cupboard’ which the kids decided they should have. I relented and we decided to walk to the park with Pip so they could have a go at flying them.
There wasn’t really enough wind for them to get their kites going. They’d make a great beginning and then the kite would sag and Pip would joyfully try to eat the kite’s tail. This made for cross children and a blissfully happy puppy.
In the end, they gave up on the kites and played in the playground. All was well until Pip bounded into the playground to say hello to a girl who looked about 4. As a previously wimpy child who was terrified of dogs (all except Penelope) I am very alert to the possibility that not every little tacker wants a frisky puppy jumping all over them.
I scooted over and asked if she was ok. It was all fine and I got chatting to the girl’s dad, until I turned around and discovered Pip had an ENTIRE DEAD BIRD in his mouth! Yuck!
I ran over and grabbed Pip under his front legs and waved him around, trying to get him to drop the bird. He held on for grim death for a very long minute before finally losing his grip on the bird. What is it about dead bird that is so delectable to dogs?
Dragged him away and yelled at D1 to ‘get the lead!’  Which she did. In her own sweet time. Meanwhile, I was holding on to puppy by the collar while he alternately tried to eat a nearby abandoned kite and lunge for the dead bird. Oh, the joy!

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