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5 May 2012

Pip's first family holiday :)

     Took Pip for his first family holiday last weekend.

   The house at Skene’s Creek – a tiny town near Apollo Bay – was advertised as ‘pet friendly’. Included in our contract was this lovely list...

  • All dog droppings must be removed from premises prior to departure.
  • Your dog must not under any circumstances be taken inside the premises.
  •  A fee of $50 is charged and payable when the balance of your accommodation monies is paid.
  • The owner of the dog is liable for any damage caused to the premises or resulting loss suffered by the property owner.
  • It is the occupiers responsibility to ensure their dog is suitably restrained within the rear yard of the premises.
  • A barking or aggressive dog will not be tolerated under any circumstances and may result in the termination of your booking.
  • If there is found to be any infringement relating to any of the above, Great Ocean Road Real Estate has the right to request immediate vacation of the premises without refund.
     Nice eh?
    So with much trepidation – my credit card being the one in question, we ventured off for said weekend. The first night went okay – Pip wasn’t overly happy with not being allowed inside but thankfully he still sleeps outside – I couldn’t be bothered going through the night toilet-training. We put his bed up against the lounge room window where he could see us, cuddled up snugly by the fire, while he froze mournfully outside. So far so good. But the next day the Groove Queen, her hubby and child and Douglas arrived.
    Now Douglas is accustomed to having run of the house. He sleeps inside thank you very much. And he was very unimpressed with the house rules.
    He proceeded to bark most of the night, even though GQ and Him-In-Doors took the dogs for a midnight walk!
   Apparently the two dogs barked most of the night. Thankfully I was oblivious to this until about 5am when I woke up to hear them barking fairly incessantly. They seemed to be setting each other off. After some time, all went suddenly quiet and I surmised, correctly, that those rampant rule breakers had let Douglas inside!
   But the peace was priceless!   

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