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5 Mar 2012

The great hump

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Pip is discovering his manliness.

Other dogs discovering their manliness
 He’d had his bits done when we got him so I thought his mojo had been removed but it would seem not. He tried to go a dog on the beach the other day – I dismissed it as a one off. But then we were walking around the lake last night and there was no mistaking it. He found a handsome Kelpie and was on his back before you could say ‘How ‘bout it?’ 

I must confess to being a bit behind the eight ball on exactly what happens when a dog is desexed.
Him-In-Doors told me he’d (Pip – not him!) had his testes removed. But Ruth (Dog Whisperer) asked me the other day whether Pip had been castrated. Now maybe I’m just stupid but I thought castrated meant having your ahem, willy cut off. And really, that would explain why Pip’s is so small.
Anyway, I raised (pardon the pun!) this with my friend Mrs Everybody (who knows everybody in Ocean Grove) this morning and it turns out her dog Hamish has a similar inclination. She recently left Hamish to stay with some friends who have a couple of attractive female Golden Retrievers. Hamish was as randy as a rabbit and spent the weekend being hosed down (literally) by the retrievers’ owners.
Mrs E said that Ruth – who has been helping with Hamish’s behaviour management – said that once a dog is desexed the desire to hump should be minimal. And that perhaps Hamish’s enthusiasm was a passing phase.
I have strong memories of Monty – an officious black poodle that belonged to my best friend’s family – being a huge leg humper.
I’m not quite sure how I feel about Pip’s new discovery of his masculinity. It is mildly embarrassing, standing there chatting while your dog tries frantically to do the business with someone else’s. But maybe I’m just a prude – maybe this is just dogs being dogs.
What do you think?   


  1. Definitely a prude ;-)

  2. Hi Heath

    Castration[1] is any action, surgical, chemical, or otherwise, by which a male loses the functions of the testes or a female loses the functions of the ovaries.

    Function not necessarily desire. It is supposed to effect the creation of the hormone (probably testosterone)which is responsible for those feelings. Yeah sure!

    Good luck with Pip. I'm with you - must be a prude too.


  3. Thanks for the sex ed. T :) Better get better educated as the kids get older :)